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2024 Refresh.png

July 27 - August 03



Family (immediate family unit of 2 or more)

$400 + food costs* (Before July 02, $425 after)

Join us for Refresh 2024 where we’ll

explore  God’s Word,

enjoy  God’s people, and

experience  God’s great outdoors.



Great food. Worship. Swimming. Tubing. Skiing. Fellowship. Volleyball. Hiking. Sleeping. Camp Fire. Bible Study. Field games. And More!



$275 + food costs* (Before July 02, $300 after)

Seniors (65 yrs +) and Students

$175 + food costs*


Lunch and Supper are provided for all registrants. Registrants should plan on providing their own breakfast.

*Food costs will not be known until determined according to the number of adults, children, and menu though they have been generally around $60 for an adult. We always work hard to keep costs down but please keep in mind that this year’s inflation will affect this above number.

Some Things you might want to Remember:

  • Single fitted bed sheet to cover the mattress

  • Sleeping bag, or sheets and blankets

  • Insect repellent

  • Backpack for day trips

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Fan for bedroom – for coolness, and background noise

  • Towels – beach and bathing

  • Bathing suit

  • Sports equipment – balls, gloves

  • Running shoes

  • Lawn chairs

  • Beach blanket

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Laundry bag

  • Breakfast and personal snacks

  • Bible, pen, notebook

Where is Miller Lake Camp?


130 Barneys Blvd.

Miller Lake, ON   N0H1Z0

45.103220, -81.402050


Miller Lake Camp is easy to get to. Just make your way to Hwy 6 north on the Bruce Peninsula. Turn right at Miller Lake Rd. and then left onto Barney's Blvd.


Conditions           Please Read Carefully

Participation: Refresh Week is designed for a balanced mix of personal free time and group gathering. Every registrant agrees to participate in the scheduled group gatherings. Every registrant also agrees to share in the assigned food costs. Every registrant agrees to share in the cleaning of the camp through the week and for final clean-up. Those who are not available for the final clean-up on Saturday will be assessed a $25 charge. Anyone who leaves the camp on Saturday before the final clean-up is complete without Director approval will be assessed a $25 charge. Cleaning the camp so that it is prepared for the next group is one way Miller Lake Camp keeps costs low.

Medical Treatment: I/we hereby give permission to the physician and nurses selected by Miller Lake Camp Inc. to assess and give medical treatment, including prescriptions, when necessary, to myself and/or my son/daughter. In the event that a guest requires special medication, transportation, X-ray or treatment beyond that which is possible at the camp, the guest or parents will be charged with the additional expense. In case of surgical emergency, I/we hereby give permission to the physician selected by the Director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for and to order injection, anaesthesia or surgery for myself/ourselves and/or my child as named above and will be responsible for any additional expense that may result from such services.


Liability: While every precaution is taken for the safety and good health of our guests, some sports and activities carry with them the inherent risk of personal injury beyond the risks associated with many of the recreational activities at Miller Lake Camp. I/we understand and accept these risks and agree that by participating in those activities or allowing my/our child to participate in those activities, he/she may be taking part in a recreational activity that presents the potential for personal injury.


By checking the box above on behalf of all named registrants, you are releasing the employees, volunteers, Directors, and Officers of Miller Lake Camp from any and all claims for liability (which may include liability for personal injury) arising from your participation or your child’s participation in the programs, sports and activities of Miller Lake Camp. This release constitutes a waiver of legal rights and by signing below, you are also indicating that you have read carefully and understand the contents of this waiver and release.


Dismissal: The Director reserves the right to dismiss a guest without a refund who, in his/her opinion, is a hazard to the safety or rights of others or who appears to him to have rejected the reasonable controls of the camp. I/we certify that I/we have no knowledge of any physical or mental impairment that would be affected by the named guest’s participation in the Miller Lake Camp program.


Custody: The parents/guardians submitting this form are those having legal custody over the child. Conditions of custody, if applicable, will be fully communicated in writing to Miller Lake Camp, including a photocopy of the section of any court order referring to visitation rights.


Lost Items: Miller Lake Camp is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged.


Photos: I/we grant permission to Miller Lake Camp and to any third party authorized by Miller Lake Camp to use photos, videos, or any other recording or reproduction of the guest in any medium for use in promotional materials and/or as otherwise seen fit by Miller Lake Camp.

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